The creator of the WeBarre method, Rachael Fraser, was trained in the UK and New York as a professional dancer. Rachael earned her Masters in Dance Performance, and her experiences  led her to discover Pilates (where she later obtained a Cert IV in Clinical Pilates) and then barre, where she was selected to be one of the very first barre trainers in the UK. 


Rachael's passion for travelling brought her to Australia that led to creating a brand new barre programme for a fitness studio in Melbourne. Her success as a 'master trainer' for all things barre got noticed by our founders, Linda and Anabel, and the rest is history. We love her incredibly sweet and warm personality as well as her wealth of knowledge and experience.


Rachael has worked closely with the founders of WeBarre to create a barre method that brings together the best of ballet technique, pilates, yoga & strength training in a dynamic workout to transform your entire body. The WeBarre method is designed to strengthen your core, develop poise, sculpt & tone muscles and empower you to push beyond what you thought was possible. We also throw in a whole lot of fun with our custom-made playlists & diverse range of instructors - you're bound to be hooked in no time!





WeBarre Singapore Barre Pilates

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