1. Sculpt a toned body

Ballet dancers are known for their lean, toned physique and while the rest of us may never be able to pointe or perform a pirouette, a barre workout aims to develop long lean legs, a perky butt, chiseled arms and that sexy back that ballerinas are known for. The WeBarre workout targets your entire body from head to toe. In our 60minute Signature class, you will work your arms, glutes, quads, calves, core and we even have a cheeky 5 minute HIIT section that will give you that cardio boost and get your heart rate up. When you start shaking uncontrollably in the legs or the arms you know you’re on your way to effective results. When it burns, it REALLY burns, and we mean that in a good way – you know you just majorly kicked some butt!



2. It’s fun


We won’t lie – a barre class is challenging. It makes us want to cry sometimes, but if there’s any form of torture that’s fun, this is it. Whether it’s in our instructors’ personalities, cheering and pushing you on to your best, or our curated playlist of music that we are moving to the beat and kind of ‘dancing’ to, you will find your happy place post-session, pinkie promise! 



3. It’s for everyone


You don’t need to be a ballerina or have experience in dance to do a WeBarre workout. Our workout uses the ballet barre for support but we also incorporate pilates and yoga movements. Barre workouts are low-impact and even suitable for pregnant women! We also offer modifications with pre-existing conditions as long as you have been given the green light by your medical practitioner to exercise.  



4. Improves posture and flexibility


We make use of pilates principles in our workout to strengthen the core and develop better posture. Did you know that Joseph Pilates’ method (the godfather of pilates) was developed and inspired by ballet dancers? Having a good posture and core 

muscles in turn supports other high-impact sports like running, cycling, swimming, strengthening you and helps in injury prevention through an improved posture and increased flexibility. Over here at WeBarre we emphasize on form over function. The long-term result of this is you protect your joints from harsh impact, focusing on the right muscle groups to ensure safe and effective results.



5. It’s time, Singapore


One of the reasons our founders started a barre studio was because they were addicted to barre and fell in love with it after trying it out in USA, Australia and the UK but felt that there was barely any options in Singapore. Barre exercises has taken the world by storm and it’s time for this tiny little red dot to experience it with us too!

WeBarre Singapore Barre Pilates

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