Heard of the phenomenon? Barre is taking the world by storm. It is the workout that celebrities swear by including Madonna, the Victoria Secret’s Angels and even Ryan Gosling (we would kill to be in his class!). So what is this all about?

The WeBarre workout is a one-stop shop – It brings together ballet technique, yoga, pilates and strength training in an invigorating workout to transform your entire body. Our workouts make use of the barre for balance, focusing on isometric holds and then combining it with dynamic exercises and movements. We may even build on the dynamic movements that lead to mini choreographed movements! Barre is suitable for all fitness levels. No dance experience or tutus required but we won’t mind if you want to come in theme!

Why has barre become such a big success? The workout shows results. With consistency, barre enthusiasts find that their bodies become leaner, more sculpted and their postures standing taller. Others simply get addicted to the fun dance-inspired workout set to infectious music and dynamic choreography. Whatever the reason, check it out for yourself, we promise you won’t regret it!

Our Co-Founders

Linda Tang & Anabel Chew

Our Co-Founders, Linda & Anabel met by chance at another fitness studio and were both fitness fanatics who had a passion for Barre. Strapped for options in Singapore, they travelled the world trying out new ways of staying fit. They quickly realised that Barre workouts could be a huge benefit for people in Asia and that at the time, was under-represented for in Singapore.

Driven by a common vision to bring to life an experience with the Asian consumer in mind, Linda & Anabel took a chance on each other and joined forces to create something that changed their lives forever. Empowering people to be #strongertogether through a supportive community and making fitness a fun part of people’s everyday lifestyle was the purpose they had for WeBarre and the very essence of the company today. WeBarre is your happy place, from the moment you step foot in the studio!

Rachael Fraser

Master Trainer
Creator of the Webarre method

The creator of the WeBarre method, Rachael Fraser, was trained in the UK and New York as a professional dancer. Rachael earned her Masters in Dance Performance, and her experiences led her to discover Pilates (where she later obtained a Cert IV in Clinical Pilates) and then barre, where she was selected to be one of the very first barre trainers in the UK.

Rachael’s passion for travelling brought her to Australia that led to creating a brand new barre programme for a fitness studio in Melbourne. Her success as a ‘master trainer’ for all things barre got noticed by our founders, Linda and Anabel, and the rest is history. We love her incredibly sweet and warm personality as well as her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Rachael has worked closely with the founders of WeBarre to create a barre method that brings together the best of ballet technique, pilates, yoga & strength training in a dynamic workout to transform your entire body. The WeBarre method is designed to strengthen your core, develop poise, sculpt & tone muscles and empower you to push beyond what you thought was possible. We also throw in a whole lot of fun with our custom-made playlists & diverse range of instructors – you’re bound to be hooked in no time!


Frequently asked questions


Prepping for WeBarre

Where do I begin?

Create an account online or in person to get started. You can then click ‘Buy Series’ in your account to purchase a class. The 7 day trial for $49 is a great way to start – you can try out the different class types and instructors throughout the 7 days. Please come to the studio at least 15mins before class to give us plenty of time to check you in, fill out our class waiver and show you around.

Which class do I take for my first time?

If this is your very first time trying out a barre class, try out our WeBarre Fundamentals class where our instructor will break down each move and explain all the ballet terms (passé what?). Once you’ve gotten into the groove of things, WeBarre’s Signature Multi-Level class would be the next progression to showcase those plié!

What to wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel good! We suggest form-fitting pants or shorts along with a tee or tank. If you’re feeling daring try a pair of leg warmers or leotard! Socks not required but are welcomed if you prefer wearing them.


WeBarre HIIT

What is so good about WeBarre HIIT?

WeBarre HIIT is our unique take on Bootcamps. It is a combination of high intensity interval training using your own body weight, resistance and strength equipment, and of course, the barre. Not only will you break out into an awesome sweat but you will experience Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). In other words, burning calories even after your class!

Do I need shoes?

Yes. Whilst our other classes are done barefoot, you will need to bring your own pair of trainers for this class.

Should I take both Signature and HIIT classes?

Of course! Our Signature & HIIT classes complement each other and will give you the best exercise regimen combined. Barre classes place greater emphasis on sculpting and lengthening, whilst HIIT offers more on cardio and power. Both work on transforming your body from head to toe!


Studio Perks

What are your changing room facilities?

Our changing rooms & showers are stocked with luscious products and we have a workout & bath towel ready for you each time you visit. We also provide hairdryers and hair straighteners so you can head back to the office or out for the night looking fabulous! Lockers are provided.

Do you sell water?

You will most definitely want water by your side! You can purchase water at the front desk for $2 or bring your own bottle.


Studio Policies

What is your cancellation policy?

You are allowed to cancel your class online no later than four (4) hours before your scheduled class. Failing to do so will have you forfeit a class credit. For those on a monthly unlimited package, a 2 day deduction from your package and 7 day trial, a 1 day deduction – sorry guys but we want to give our waitlist people a chance to join as well.

What is your late policy?

No one likes late-comers so please come at least 5 minutes before your class to get yourself sorted. Studio doors close when the class starts. Unfortunately, if you are late to class, it will be treated as a No Show and a credit will be deducted the same way as the cancellation policy. Sorry but we’re just trying to be fair to everyone in the class.

I’m pregnant –  can I do Barre?

Of course! WeBarre Fundamentals class would be perfect for pregnant women. We allow women up to 15weeks to attend. Barre being low-impact and based on Pilates is great for pregnant women to stay fit & strengthen their core for delivery. Check out our specific Pre-natal Barre classes suitable for women to attend from the moment they conceive all the way up till delivery – a safe and effective workout in preparing your body for child-birth. All other classes would be a no-no as they are not ideal for pregnant women.