Our signature multi-level class is an exhilarating workout inspired by ballet, yoga, pilates & strength training to transform your entire body (yes you heard right!). Classes will be a fusion of isometric holds (small controlled movements) and full-range dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength yet moving gracefully with poise. Think body control, flow, strength & technique fused into one class – challenging you to go beyond your limits!


Perfect for beginners who want a taste of barre and the opportunity to learn the signature moves at a slower pace. The class will focus on technique & form in a more intimate setting so you will have plenty of guidance in anything you’re unsure of. But don’t be fooled, it’s still a dynamic workout that’s guaranteed to give you that burn and make you sweat! Great for anyone who is postnatal too.


Bootcamps get a makeover with this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class using fun props, your body weight and of course, the barre. Designed to lift your heart rate, increase your metabolism and push you past your limits, here’s to maximum results, in the shortest of time!
Bonus: You continue burning calories and fat long after the class thanks to the ‘afterburn’ effect of HIIT.


This class is designed to complement your barre classes by stretching out all of those muscles you have burned. We will work on increasing flexibility, improving mobility and reducing your risk of injury. This class will include a mix of Floor Barre moves to improve the technical precision of barre exercises, deep active stretching assisted by the instructor and even the occasional partner stretch to help you go deeper! Walk out of this class opened up, lengthened and feeling good from head to toe!