By Joie Goh

Fact: you literally can’t go wrong with a pair of classic all-black legging. We polled our instructors for their staples, and these are the top 3 choices.

Lululemon Align Pant

You’d be hard-pressed to find any instructor who does not own a pair of these leggings! The original buttery-soft and ultra lightweight leggings, these are perfect for days when you just want to feel comfortable.

“I love the Align leggings because it’s breathable and so comfy to wear all day. It’s my go-to outfit on the plane! ” – Linda

Kydra Movement Leggings

They might look tiny while unworn, but slip them on and see your physique transform! Despite being super soft, they have excellent compression without restricting movement. The best part of these leggings: pockets!

“They are my favourite plane leggings. I get bloated and puffy on flights so the compression keeps everything in, and the pockets allow me to store my passport and phone so I have my hands free to hold my carry-on and shopping bags from duty free.” – Joie

WeBarre Signature Leggings

It’s the newest kid on the block, but these beauties have become a fast and firm favourite. The high rise waistband lies flat against the skin without digging in, and the 7/8 length is versatile for everyone (and is a flattering full-length for petite ladies). Moisture-wicking, incredibly smooth and soft to touch, they also have 4-way stretch so they don’t get in the way of your plies and arabesques. Plus, it’s eco-friendly! No part of its manufacturing process causes any harm to the environment.

“It tucks and lifts at all the right places. ‘Nuff said!” – Charmaine

“It fits like a boss! The material is like butter and I want to wear them all the time.” – Jolene

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