By Joie Goh

Bored with ponytails? Here, three hairdos that aren’t just super chic and stylish, but so incredibly easy to create – no braiding required!

Space Buns

1. Part hair in the middle and secure into two high ponytails with elastic bands.

2. Tease each ponytail with a fine-tooth comb for maximum volume.

3. Twist ponytail around itself to form a bun, and secure with another elastic band.

4. Carefully fluff the bun for more poofiness and roundness, and secure firmly with bobby pins.

5. Repeat on the other ponytail, making sure to keep both buns symmetrical.

6. Blitz with strong-hold hairspray for extra security so they don’t fall apart during HIIT!

Faux French Braid

1. Pull back a small section of hair from the front hairline and secure with a small elastic band.

2. Brush out the rest of the hair to ensure no tangles.

3. Grab a section of hair from either side of the first section and secure with another elastic, making sure not to include any hair from the first section.

4. Repeat as you go down the length of the hair, grabbing sections from either side of the head.

5. Along the way, carefully fluff out the sections by pulling up a few strands right above the elastics for more volume.

6. Repeat all the way down with the sectioning and fluffing.

7. Once you reach the nape, continue the technique by splitting the ponytail’s bottom sections and tying off each section with elastics.

8. Smooth out flyaways and secure the hairdo with strong-hold hairspray.

9. And we’re done! Here’s a clearer view from the side.

Double Pull-through Braids

1. Split hair into two sections down the middle and tie one section off. Working on the other, pull back a small section of hair from the front hairline and secure with a small elastic band.

2. Lift the first section up. Form another small ponytail of the same thickness directly under the first section, and secure with elastic.

3. Split the first section into two.

4. Pull the second ponytail up and between the two sections of the first ponytail. For ease, clip the second ponytail out of the way.

5. Gather more hair from directly under the second ponytail and join it with the first ponytail’s sections, fastening with an elastic to form a new ponytail.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 all the way down, by splitting the top ponytail, pulling the bottom ponytail through the two sections, and creating a new ponytail under the bottom ponytail. Tie off the last two ponytails at the nape of the neck with elastic.

7. Repeat on the other side. If you’re a perfectionist, try to ensure the same number of sections on either side for symmetry!

8. If you prefer a sleek look, then you’re done! But if you like fat fluffy braids, carry on with the next few steps.

9. Carefully fluff out the braids by gently pulling apart and loosening each section at the elastics.

10. It gets easier as you go down along the braid, but be careful not to completely pull apart the whole thing!

11. Repeat on the other braid, ensuring symmetry on both sides.

12. Blitz with strong-hold hairspray for extra security!

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