By Joie Goh
Achy shoulders and stiff neck from hunching over computers, or sore calves from a burn-tastic WeBarre workout? All you need is two little lacrosse balls to smooth out the kinks and knots!

Calf Release

Place two lacrosse balls in a bag or a sock. Extend one leg and position the balls under your calf muscle, then rest them on a yoga block. Bend the other leg and place hands behind the hips for support and balance.
Flex the foot on your extended leg, and lift hips off the mat. Start by shifting your weight forwards and back, and side to side. Move along the length of the calf as needed.
To increase intensity, take the supporting leg and cross it over the working leg, and continue with rolling the balls along the calf while keeping the hips off the mat.
Repeat on the other side.

Stiff Shoulder Remedy

Stand with your back against a wall with one lacrosse ball between the wall and your upper back. Position the ball on one side of your spine, as pictured. Lean back gently against the ball.
Start by moving around slowly, either in circular motions, up and down, or side to side to find sore spots. Once you find a spot, relax your weight into the wall by leaning further back. Hold and breathe deeply.
Repeat the steps to continue to ease out any knots or sore areas in your upper traps and shoulders.
To increase intensity, cross your hands over your chest, holding in a shoulder stretch while you continue the rolling movement and leaning into the ball on the wall.
Repeat on the other shoulder.

Neck Relaxation

Place two lacrosse balls in a bag or a sock. Rest the bag of lacrosse balls on a block. Lie back comfortably, placing the balls horizontally along the bottom of your hairline, just above the neck.
Hold still, breathe deeply and rest the weight of your neck onto the balls. To increase intensity, turn your chin sideways and hold.
Love the amazing therapeutic effects of the lacrosse ball? Starting 8 December 2019, we will be hosting a 3-part series of Myofascial Release workshops targeting all areas of the body! Each 75-min session focuses on the specific regions, so we highly recommend attending all three workshops for a full-body experience. Participants will also receive a complimentary pair of WeBarre Lacrosse Balls and net bag to bring home, so you can roll out your kinks and knots in the comfort of your own bedroom!

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