By Joie Goh

Protect yourself! Whether it’s a flu bug or a cold virus that’s going around, here are some practical tips on maintaining your health and preventing illness.

Boost Immunity

Having a nutritious diet is important when it comes to strengthening your immunity. In particular, studies have shown that vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting its various cellular functions and protecting from harmful compounds. So don’t skimp on citrus fruits and antioxidant-rich berries! Green tea is also another great source of antioxidants, plus it introduces a specific type of flavonoid knowns as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) into the body that helps fight bacteria and prevent viruses from multiplying.

Other foods to look out for are those with antiviral and antibacterial properties. These include garlic and turmeric, both used in traditional medicine across cultures and scientifically proven to contain beneficial compounds for fighting against viruses and bacterias. Don’t like strong-tasting foods? Reach for yoghurt, kombucha or kefir instead! Fermented foods contain probiotics, which are linked to improving immune health and regulating the body’s immune response.

Having said that, it’s tedious to follow extensive recipes to ensure that your diet contains the right nutrients and still taste good. But it doesn’t have to be! WeBarre has partnered with Nature’s Superfoods to present an afternoon of health and nutrition. At this workshop, you will learn to make immune-boosting drinks that you can effortlessly put together at home. Not only will these superfood drinks give you energy and aid in exercise recovery, it also has immune boosting benefits that will strengthen your immunity!

Stay Hydrated

Even if your diet is entirely comprised of the most potent superfoods, it’ll all go to waste if you’re not drinking sufficient water! Hydration is key for a healthy body. Not only does it ensure that all your cells are working at optimal level, your body requires water to produce lymph, which contains and transports immune cells throughout the body to fight infection and injury.

Bring a bottle with you at all times! Plus, all four of our studios provide filtered drinking water so you can refill your bottle as much as you want.

Practice Good Hygiene

One of the main ways viruses and bacteria enter our bodies is through touching contaminated surfaces. Then, touching our faces with those contaminated fingers. It is suggested that humans tend to touch their faces around 23 times per hour – yikes! Think of all the yuckies that we’ve been rubbing into our eyes and noses, and it’s no wonder why it seems so easy to catch your friend’s cold even without physically touching them.

Avoid touching your face, as well as touching public surfaces unnecessarily. And with every chance you get, keep your hands clean by washing frequently with soap. If washing is not a convenient option, use hand sanitizer! Hand sanitizers are also readily available at our studios, so feel free to pump and use them.

Exercise and Meditate

Although there’s a demonstrable link between regular exercise and improved immunity, scientists have yet to figure out the exact reasons why. There are a couple of theories: one, exercise increases the white blood cell count, thus increasing the body’s immune response. Another is that exercising leads to an increased body temperature, which makes it harder for viruses and bacteria to survive in the system.

Our favourite theory however, is that exercising reduces stress, which in turn keeps your immune system strong. Whether it’s going for your favourite WeBarre classes to get your endorphin fix, or for a Mindful Morning session that incorporates feel-good stretches and meditation to help you ground yourself, when you’re less stressed, you’re more likely to keep viruses at bay. Through Mindfulness Practice, you also build mental resilience, which helps us stay sane and positive through stressful times. So make your mental health a priority to protect your physical health!

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