By Joie Goh

Come happy hour, try hitting the barre, not the bar!

It fosters team spirit

According to research by the University of Southern California, group sweats were rated as more enjoyable than solo workouts. And it’s no surprise – synchronized group activities like dancing and laughing together create a similar shared sense of euphoria. A sweaty barre class with your work mates really does elevate your exercise high, and pushes you to work out harder. Talk about getting #strongertogether!

It’s more meaningful

Move aside networking, and say hello to “sweatworking”. Instead of connecting with your colleagues over cocktails, do it with a workout! You’ll not only get your sweat on, but also the same rush of endorphins and camaraderie, all at the same time. Plus, doing something healthy together is a much more mindful and wholesome pursuit than drinking sessions.

It lowers stress

Working out with people you know actually reduces stress by 26% and improves your quality of life. It also improves your mental, physical and emotional health. With better mood and focus, you’d be able to tackle all those pesky deadlines with renewed clarity. Besides, the sense of accomplishment from sticking to a fitness regime can also motivate you at work.

It keeps you on track

Trying to tone up and improve your fitness? Do it with your team. One study found 95% of those who started a fitness program with their peers stuck with it, versus 76% of those who did it by themselves. Those getting fit as a group were also a 42% more likely to maintain their weight. And when the rest of your team is raring to show up and sweat, you’re less likely to skip that workout.

It actually works

When stacked up against counselling and stress management activities, a workplace exercise programme produced more immediate and long-lasting benefits compared to the other two. Companies that strive to provide a work-life balance by investing in fitness programmes for their workers reported a healthier and happier workforce – and it’s all thanks to the reasons listed above!

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