By Joie Goh

As we approach the mid-point of the circuit breaker, here’s a peek at how the rest of the WeBarre management team is rocking their time indoors!


Our training manager and instructor who is living with her family

This period of isolation has been surprisingly busy! I initially didn’t expect to be this occupied with work, but work is in part my happy place so it’s all good! On the other end of the spectrum, I’m actually happy to have a bit more time to slow down and spend time on my own, doing the things I like. I’m the type who likes to stop and smell the roses, so this pace of life is pretty balanced at the moment. I’m definitely getting more rest, which is awesome!

It was really challenging when we transitioned to virtual classes. It was stressful re-learning how to teach, and grappling with technology and the new virtual platform. I’m not super into technology so knowing my weakness, I knew I had to learn fast to adapt to the new norm. It’s also been challenging not seeing my partner as often. Two months is a long time to not be hanging out!

To stay grounded, I’ve been doing lots of yoga and taking online ballet classes. Concentrating on something draws my mind back to focus. Sweating it out is the solution to anything, and getting back to my creative and artistic side with dance always wins! I journal a lot as well – putting pen to paper helps me understand what I’m feeling and why. I write letters to close friends as well, and the circuit breaker has been the best time to do this!

At first, I wasn’t sure how I would take to always being at home and being surrounded by people 24/7. I’m the sort who needs a lot of personal space in my everyday, but I realise that I’m actually grateful to be in the company of family, and that we get to interact much more than in the norm. I still retreat to my woman cave though because that’s how I recuperate.


Our people & planning manager and instructor who is living with housemates and two cats

I’m blessed to be safe, and I hope others are too. Although I’m itching to get out and explore, it’s so important to stay at home as much as possible now! With the mind and creativity in you, your home can be just the place to create lots of wonders and learnings- especially with the technology we have now. Teaching online has been exciting, though scary at the start!

My workouts have changed a lot as I still prefer going to the gym and studios. I feel I’m able to focus better at the gym, or do a quick workout at a studio. Now I have to be more independent. So I’m trying to train my mind to stay focused. Work and play is now all happening in the same space.

I’m a very physical let’s-meet-up person, and not very inclined to texting on the phone, so it’s been challenging catching up with family and friends. Still, I’m trying to take the time to do my best to check in on them! I’ve also been listening to sermons, reading and setting goals – gotta keep the mind healthy and strong. Definitely also limiting the time I spend on Netflix!

I’ve found that it’s so important to stay connected. It’s so easy to feel lonely and constrained in the house, but remember you are not alone! This too shall pass.


Our business development assistant and instructor, who’s living with her parents and younger siblings

I’ve set actionable goals to work on so that I’m making good use of my time, and so far it’s been pretty good. Everything else is pretty much the same except for teaching virtual classes. I have to set a space in my house and make that as my space to teach. It’s like travelling to work from my room to the living room!

Still, it’s been a little tough finding balance between work and time for myself. When we have too many tasks on hand, it’s easy to over-work. I believe that balance is important in everything that we do. Me-time is especially important for our mental health – to have the headspace to check-in with ourselves at least once a day. To do so, I start my day with a simple 20-minute meditation.

I’m also trying to read more and educate myself, and have signed up for online courses to learn new business skills and invest in personal growth. Plus, I’m staying connected with my friends to keep each other’s company. I’ve learned that life is precious and we should think deeper into our existence on earth. This isolation has really taught me to embrace this motto: take what you need and share what you have!

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