By Joie Goh

Chances are, you’ve probably seen her in your class at least once. And perhaps even marvelled at how strong this petite and cheerful sweetheart is! Learn more about Cheryl, one of WeBarre’s most regular barre-goers, and her hardcore – and we mean hardcore – fitness regimen.

From Lab Coat to Leggings

A scientist and academic by trade (she has a PhD in biochemistry!), Cheryl spends almost all her free time sweating it out, and it stems from her childhood.  “I’ve always been a pretty active kid in school, from being part of dance teams to cheerleading in university in London,” she says. “Working out brings me that’s rush of endorphins that I haven’t been able to replace with anything else. I am also competitive as an individual and sports is an outlet for me to push myself!”

Cheryl came to WeBarre three years ago when a friend told her that there was a class she would really enjoy since it combined both her love for dance and working out. “And from then on I have been going regularly to barre classes almost every day even sometimes twice a day!”

Cross-training with Barre

On top her daily barre fix, Cheryl also supplements with additional workouts. “I usually do a WeBarre Signature Multi-level once a day combined with a WeBarre HIIT class. On the weekends, I do a WeBarre class with spin or a high intensity training class at another studio after. I do boxing on Sundays as well!” she says. “I make it a point to workout everyday unless I’m on holiday!”

She credits barre for helping her cross-train and excel in her other sports. “WeBarre workouts help to target the tiny muscles that I don’t use in other workouts,” she explains. “It makes me more aware of my body and my posture and also gives me good form in other things that I partake in such as weights, spin and boxing. It also incorporates a lot of Pilates moves which help to lengthen the big muscles I use for my other workouts.”

The Expert Endorses

Her love for barre’s effectiveness and versatility has won over many of her peers, and she highly recommends the workout for any fitness fanatic or athlete looking for a safe and efficient fitness option to improve their sport. “It’s a good way to start your fitness journey, but it’s also a good way to complement high intensity exercises ,” she says. “Barre helps me stretch and relax the muscles I use for my other workouts.”

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