Ask her almost anything about fitness and the human body, and she’ll probably be able to answer you. Most of us would know her to be a Pre and Post-Natal specialist, apart from the myriad of Pilates and fitness certifications she has under her belt . But did you know she’s also a water sports enthusiast, a former Bassoonist, and is the mom to a long haired, mini-dachshund?

Meet Dorothy, a familiar face around the WeBarre studios. Prior to embarking on her teaching career, who would have thought this former civil servant wasn’t the wave of calmness she exudes today when she walks into the studio? She relates, “20 years ago, I never dreamt I could teach. I used to be really impatient and un-nuturing. When I started teaching Pilates, I had reached a stage of life where I was more mature and calm. Helping people achieve their fitness or physical recovery goals is what drives me to always learn more, and it has built empathy and patience.”

Be fooled not by Dorothy’s lean frame and sculpted arm muscles. Outside of the studio, Dorothy’s a foodie through and through. Describing herself as “one of those irritating Asians who have to take photos of their food before anyone touches it”, she cannot resist rating her meals before uploading pictures on Instagram (@dortzz). Now you know who to go to for the latest buzz on food!

Her guns, by the way, are a product of her competitive sailor days back in college. “Pilates and Barre just tones them up.”

Strut your stuff with Dorothy at the Dance Movie Soundtracks theme class on 1 May, 11am at WB Telok Ayer.

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