By Gretel Lee

Cardio and strength training go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously, this is your ideal concoction to do so. Finding a balance between the two is your passport to maximising your fitness level and boosting athletic performance.

With running becoming an easy workout of choice, it’s easy to bask in the endorphin high from a great run, and neglect strength training to complement your workout. Studies show that strength training increases running economy, which means you’ll use fuel more efficiently during workouts and races.

Here’s why you should cross-train at the Barre to boost your running performance. Throw it into your workout mix, and watch the results roll in!

1. It Builds Lean Muscle Mass

Every athlete’s dream is to boost running performance without losing muscle mass. While cardio is the answer to losing weight, this also contributes to a decrease in muscle mass and consequently, strength.

Here’s where Barre’s your solution to building lean muscle mass. The beauty of Barre lies in the small but mighty isometric movements that grow your muscle strength and endurance, sans the bulk. Barre also builds strength from head-to-toe, which complements the lower-body focus that running gives. With better balance, a stronger core and great posture, you’re on your way to a better run. Now talk about a power-packed workout!

2. It Reduces the Risk of Injury

A major cause for injury is the lack of muscle strength to support joint stability. This puts runners at a high risk of getting injured given the dynamism of the sport. Furthermore, the high-impact nature of running puts wear and tear on joints and muscles, further increasing the susceptibility to injury.

Barre complements this not only by being low impact, but by targeting stabilising muscle groups that aren’t built up from running. The stretching component of Barre also reverses the tightness that results from a run. Here’s your answer to running healthy and injury-free, thanks to Barre!

3. It Shakes the Routine Up

Nothing’s more frustrating than plateauing in your fitness pursuits, be it in burning calories or not feeling the high-octane, adrenalin rush from a challenging workout. Our bodies are incredibly smart and quick in adapting to repetition and routine, which means it needs a constant challenge to keep things fresh.

Stay on top of your running game by hitting the Barre. You gain overall body strength, increased muscle endurance and a refreshing perspective on challenge. The best workout is the one your haven’t done (yet)!

4. It Builds Mental Endurance

If you ever thought Barre is easy, think again. This head-to-toe body workout demands your undivided focus to push through to the end, akin to finishing strong in a run. Barre is your answer to stretching your mental and physical endurance, which will push you further in that next run you do.

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