She’s one of the many smiley faces behind the reception desk when you step into WeBarre. Meet Rebecca, our bubbly front-of-house chick, who’s the first to enter and last to leave the studio when on shift. This former Singapore Airlines stewardess is a current Psychology undergraduate with James Cook University. Read on, for her story.

Hey Rebecca! How did you discover WeBarre?
I first heard of WeBarre from one of the instructors at a yoga studio where I was attending classes. I was looking for a part time job while studying, and she recommended WeBarre. She felt that the community in WeBarre was tight-knit and was in line with what I was looking for.

Tell us about your studies and work before you joined WeBarre!
Previously, I was studying for a Diploma in Psychology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. With graduation approaching however, I was apprehensive as to whether this was the career path that I wanted. A close friend shared that she was going for an interview with Singapore Airlines and told me to join her for fun. I went ahead with the interview, mainly out of curiosity, and didn’t expect myself to get through! It came as a surprise, but this was also an opportunity to take a gap year to re-evaluate what I really wanted for my future.

Working for Singapore Airlines as a Stewardess was definitely one of the most rewarding life experiences. Not only did I get to travel, but I also grew to be independent and learnt useful life skills along the way. It also made me realise that I did want to pursue Psychology as a career and it made me more motivated than ever when I eventually left the position and went back to pursuing my degree.

What other jobs and life experiences do you think has prepared you for your role in the front-of-house team?
I have been actively attending yoga classes since I was 18. What attracted me to stay on in a particular studio was how I felt welcomed by both the front-of-house staff and instructors. This gave me a vision on how I want WeBarre clients to feel when they arrive at the studio. It also helps that I have been working in the service industry while I was studying, and even prior to my job with Singapore Airlines.

What’s rewarding about working at the front desk?
Meeting new people and chatting with clients who eventually become my friends.

What’s most challenging? How do you handle these situations?
There are times when the customer comes into the studio after a bad day and gets really upset over miscommunication or studio policies. It doesn’t feel good to get yelled at, but I always tell myself that they are frustrated at the situation and the anger is not directed at me. I try to empathise with them and do my best to offer other alternatives that can potentially make the situation better for them.

What would you say is the most important trait you need to work in the service industry? Why?
Genuineness. You can have plenty of years of experience in the service industry, but if you lack genuineness in your actions and words, it can be easily picked up on.

What kind of an experience do you hope to leave people with whilst working at WeBarre?
A sense of home and warmth. I hope they would arrive at the studio feeling welcomed and look forward to the next time they come for class.

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