In collaboration with BoConcept

Incorporate these simple barre exercises as shown by our co-founder Linda and instructor Cherisa, and feel the #barreburn from the comforts of your home!

Plié to Lunge

Start in a 2nd position plié (wide-legged position, in turn, out, knees tracking over the toes) and pivot and rotate the hips towards your chair, sinking your outside knee to a 90 degree bend to fire up the quads and glutes. Pivot back into your starting position and repeat.

Plié to curtsey

From a 1st position plié (heels touching, feet fanned out, knees bent), curtsé into the furniture creating a diamond shape with your knees. Bring your outside arm to reach over the furniture for a side body stretch!

Knee to elbow

Facing into your chair or couch, extend one leg out, reaching it away from you, with your toes pointed. Soften the supporting leg and extend the opposite hand to the back leg away from you, keeping your hips squared to the floor. Reach both hand and foot away, then curl it into the centre.

Plié in relevé

Holding onto a chair, zip your heels to touch and come up to your relevé (tippy toes) in a 1st position plié. Extend your knees to stretch up to the ceiling, hand to follow in front of you to overhead above you.

Modified pushup

Leaning onto a table or couch, set up in a modified pushup. Squeeze your elbows into your ribs as you seesaw down to the furniture, firing up your triceps. Lift one leg up for added intensity and weight into your upper body. Switch legs after 10 reps.

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