By Joie Goh

We’ve heard from our longest-standing instructors about their personal growth alongside WeBarre – now, let’s hear it from our most loyal clients! They’ve been with us as ardent supporters since our earliest days, and today remain an integral part of the community!

Luxsika: A Home Away from Home

Left: Luxsika with Linda. Right: Luxsika with Joie in 2021.

Back then, I had just moved to Singapore for work and was visiting different fitness studios as a way to explore. I tried out WeBarre for the first time a couple weeks after I moved. Everyone was super welcoming!

I distinctly remembered (then-instructor) Elisa was telling us to slide the gliders as if we were cleaning our homes, and I really liked how engaging the class was! After that I decided to get the trial pack, then moved up to the monthly unlimited, and now the 3-month unlimited!

Instead of memories, when I think of WeBarre, I think about the friendships I’ve made. When you move to a new country and don’t really know anyone, it can be very exciting but at the same time quite lonely. Everytime I walk into WeBarre, everyone is always smiling. And this sounds silly, but when I’ve had a long day at work and an instructor says ‘good job’ during class, it reminds me that my life is not only about work. Who I am is not defined by work – and I think it’s an important reminder to a lot of us!

Two years ago, I joined the instructor training without the intention to become an instructor. At the time I was hosting a lot of meetings and webinars at work. Therefore I wanted to be more confident and articulate myself better. So I thought instructor training would be a great way to combine my personal goal of boosting confidence, and actually learn what goes into creating a barre class! I really enjoyed the process and how we got to conduct our own classes. 

I tend to forget to enjoy what is in front of me. Sometimes at the barre, I would be itching to check for replies on my phone. On reflection, I realise these moments would never come again. So, instead of hoping it would go by faster, I make the best of what I can and try to learn from everything I’m doing. It’s still work in progress, but I’m definitely enjoying life more with this new mindset!    

Shu Xian: Place for Growth

Left: Shu Xian in 2016 at WeBarre Tanjong Pagar. Right: Shu Xian in 2020 in a WeBarre virtual class.

I was looking to return to fitness back in 2016 and tried a variety of activities. I came across a Yahoo! article featuring barre and one of the places they mentioned was WeBarre! I decided to try it out and as it turns out, the workouts were exactly what I was looking for.

WeBarre allows me to relive my childhood ballet days and and I enjoy the burn that comes with it. I love how it is a full body workout and I’m maximising my time spent in class every time. So I signed on with the unlimited package after trials and haven’t looked back since.

I have so many fond memories from the last 5 years! There’s the friendships formed both with fellow WeBarre-ers and instructors. Also, Anabel’s “Be brave!” will always ring in my head whenever I’m doing something difficult or scary. She says that to us all the time during HIIT! No matter how exhausted I am at the end of the day, I’d drag myself to class and feel so much better after. I’m thankful for the space that WeBarre has given me to grow, to be at peace, and get my sweat fix all at the same time.

I am definitely at my fittest since 5 years ago. The good vibes and positivity that WeBarre has always exuded has reminded me to take care of myself and be kind to myself. I pulled myself out of a nasty situation some time back and things have been rough over the last year or so, but WeBarre is my happy space and the constant in my life which I continue to be grateful for everyday.

My outlook on things have evolved and matured significantly, and my mental health is a lot better. This in turn translated to my physical health as well. I have learnt to trust myself a lot more these days, and learnt to always live and lead with kindness.

Aileen: 5 Years and 3 Kids Later

Left: Aileen in 2016, 1 month after the birth of her 1st child. Right: Aileen in 2021, 1 month after the birth of her 3rd child!

In 2016, I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted to stay active throughout my pregnancy, so I was looking for a barre studio. Barre was introduced to me by a friend in Hong Kong where I used to stay, but I never had the chance to try it. However, there weren’t many barre studios in Singapore at that time. So when WeBarre started, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. And the rest they say, is history.

The WeBarre community is my happy place! I’ve made so many friends through WeBarre. Barre is something that has kept us together and the friends I made here is what keeps me coming back.

WeBarre has accompanied me throughout my motherhood journey. It has seen me through 3 kids under 5! Yep, I’ve done barre throughout all my 3 pregnancies – each from the 2nd trimester to end of 3rd trimester. It’s one of the most important things that has kept me energetic and radiant throughout my pregnancies and has definitely helped recovery postpartum. I’ve just given birth to my 3rd child 2 months ago and have been back on the mat from 6 weeks!

Outside of WeBarre, the biggest thing about my personal growth is adopting a more active approach to staying fit. Exercise is not in my DNA but I’m consciously trying to make it a part of my lifestyle. Barre is honestly the only workout that I’ve been faithful to!

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