By Joie Goh

In our second part of the OG instructors series, the next two longest-standing instructors share about their own growth and milestones over the last 5 years.


Left: Shaan in 2016. Right: Shaan in 2021.

Barre was new in the fitness scene in Singapore in 2016, with only a few studios offering barre classes. I was just starting my own fitness journey at that time, and WeBarre was the first studio I tried barre at. Coming from a ballet background, I fell in love with barre instantly. I left my first class (with Anabel!) shaking and unable to walk down the stairs at Tanjong Pagar. It was unlike anything I had ever tried!

Being the only boutique barre studio in Singapore at that time, it was a no brainer to choose WeBarre when it came to my barre teaching journey. I started out with zero instructor background! For sure, I have become much more confident in leading a class, giving clear instructions and thinking of creative sequences. With every year, I have become more comfortable and truly feel like I enjoy teaching each class. I always leave feeling happier than when I came in! 

I usually don’t set personal milestones, but rather, see things as a journey of continuous development. Over the past 5 years with WeBarre, what I feel I have really improved in is my confidence. Like, being in front of a group of adults and dealing with difficult situations. I have also become much fitter than I would have imagined myself to be 5 years ago, but I know there’s still much more to improve on. 

When I look back on my previous self year after year, it makes me happy that I have progressed in many ways and form. 


Left: Joie in 2016. Right: Joie in 2021.

The first time I stepped into WeBarre, it was for a piece I was writing for a fashion magazine about how fitness was becoming “trendy”. I haven’t exercised in years (I was the kid that would fake illness to get out of PE class), but having had ballet training I thought it would be easy.

The WeBarre Signature Multi-level class kicked my butt! I had to hold on to the wall as I shakily made my home. But I was not one to back down from a challenge, so I came back for more. Don’t we all? I ended up taking 3 classes a week and each time I left feeling stronger. Plus, my butt was looking better and better in leggings.

When I learned that WeBarre was looking for more instructors, I jumped at the chance. I had no instructor or fitness background, but I loved the workout and the community and wanted to be a bigger part of it! I remember feeling intimidated during the training – although I had made it through the auditions, everyone else (including Shaan) looked so fit and had such graceful lines!

Over the last 5 years, so much had happened in my life and WeBarre was the one constant. I left journalism and joined WeBarre full time as an instructor and brand communications manager. I went from teaching 4 classes a week to 13 classes! WeBarre went from being “just a studio” and became my home and family.

It’s crazy how I had simply wanted to be a bigger part of the WeBarre community in 2016. Fast forward to 2021, I’m the one behind the scenes, growing and engaging the community that I had loved since the beginning! I’ve always wanted to advocate for what I believed in, and I believe in all of us here at WeBarre. I’m living my dream!

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