By Novia Liew

One of our ongoing resolutions at WeBarre is to embrace a sustainable lifestyle today where we minimise our impact on Mother Earth. Here are 6 little steps we’ve been taking towards sustaining a cleaner, greener planet!

1. Stocking up with Bare Eco Water

No more plastic bottles! Some of you might have noticed we now stock our fridges with these 100% recyclable and repurposable Eco boxed water. They are chic and thoughtfully packed with Eco materials. What’s more, for every purchase, CloverSoft donates a portion of the sales proceeds to save the polar bears.

2. Taps with installed OSIM water filter

On top of selling sustainable water, did you know our taps also double up as purified water dispensers? If you bring your own bottle (or purchase one of our stylish glass water bottles), simply switch the tap option to the filtered water option and fill up from our taps. One step closer to Zero Waste!

3. Using biodegradable trash bags

While these Biogreen biodegradable trash bags cost a little more than regular plastic bags, we believe that little efforts to reduce our carbon footprint go a long way! Rather than adding on to the pile of waste, Biogreen trash bags will break down completely and ultimately leave no trace on our beautiful Mother Earth.

4. Switching to 100% biodegradable coconut shot cups

Refreshing yourself with a shot of electrolyte-rich coconut water after an intense class is an experience in itself! However, the little plastic cups undoubtedly add to unnecessary waste. We’ve specially customized the biodegradable cups out of a plant-based wax layer, allowing it to be compostable within 90 days!

*In view of the current situation, we have temporarily suspended serving post-class coco shots.

5. Handing over old towels to families and hawker stalls

We change up our towels every so often to ensure good hygiene and quality – only the best for our WeBarrers! Ever wondered what happens to our old towels when we bring in fresh new ones? We donate these towels towards textile recycling, where collected recyclables are sold to second hand textile importers in developing countries.

We also reach out to individuals from our community who might have the use for these towels, and hand them over so they can be reused and repurposed. The recent batch of old towels from our Telok Ayer studio have been handed over to be shared among a few families as well as their hawker business.

6. Eco-friendly WeBarre merchandise

That’s right! Our WeBarre apparel line is moving towards using sustainable fabrics like bamboo rayon. They are also manufactured responsibly with as little impact to the environment as possible. Look great and feel good when you slip on a WeBarre tank or leggings!

7. Supporting local recycling efforts

Starting this 2021, we are proud to partner with local contact lenses subscription service Two of a Kind for Project 2×2 as a advocate location! Daily lenses are undoubtedly convenient, hygienic and safer for your eyes, but the waste from the blister containers do add up. Project 2×2 collects used plastic blisters from all contact lens brands (not just from Two of a Kind!) and recycles them into raw material.

You’ll find Project 2×2 collection bins at all our studios. Just bring your used lens blisters and drop them off when you come for your workout!

We truly believe that sustainability doesn’t require giving up every luxury or convenience. It could be as simple as caring a little more for our environment, starting by taking small steps to adjust to our daily habits! Finding ways to be more sustainable in our everyday life here at WeBarre is a great way to start — and what better way to do so than with our biggest cheerleaders, YOU!

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