By Joie Goh

In our second instalment of how friendships can spark off at the barre, we have Connie and Irene. Both mummies to young children, read on to find out how it was their daughters who ended up bringing them together as friends!

Do any of you remember the first class where you met?

Connie: I remember it was June when we attended a lunch workout. It must be June because we brought our kids along with us due to the school holidays!

Irene: Yes, it was June last year, at WeBarre Telok Ayer. It was the first time I brought my two girls along to WeBarre, and they met Connie’s daughter. The girls played together and that’s how we first got to know each other by face!

How did you guys go from just fellow barre-goers to being friends?

Connie: We spoke a bit when we first met. I remember Irene telling off her daughters about keeping their voices down and I apologised, because it must’ve been my daughter who instigated her girls for the loud voices! Subsequently, we bumped into each other a few more times and we exchanged numbers. We chatted so much via WhatsApp text that same day!

Irene: We started arranging to go to WeBarre classes together.

Connie: We also met for an afternoon tea before a WeBarre Stretch & Technique class, and we shared a lot of our personal details!

Irene: It was at the nearby Flor Patisserie at Duxton. We found out we had lots in common, and also we have the same “frequency”. We have simply too much to talk about! Our daughters also love playing together – even my 4-year-old daughter said Connie’s girl is her BFF. I was surprised!

Do you plan to go for classes together?

Connie: Yes and no. We booked ours respectively and then we will let each other know what are the classes we will be attending. Sometimes we adjust our schedules so we can attend the same class together.

Irene: Occasionally we lunch together when we have time after class too. We try to accommodate each other’s timing. If our schedules don’t match, we will still proceed on our own. Though, we would still prefer to workout together. In fact, I miss Connie whenever I attend a class without her!

Are barre classes more fun when you guys are in the same class?

Connie: Definitely! More fun! It feels good to have someone you know doing something you like to do.

Irene: Indeed, we’re barre-dies turned buddies!

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