Jenny is an avid runner who completed her first full marathon at age 42. Running used to be her only passion and exercise, until a major surgery forced her to look for alternative ways to keep fit. Read about her ordeal and how barre found her, as she embarked on the road to recovery.

Hey Jenny! Tell me more about your passion for running.
I hate gym. I really hate gym. I don’t think I stepped into a gym for more than 10 times in the past 20 years. But I like cardio and I started to run to keep fit and eventually turned into a running addict as I joined a running group. I ran 2 full marathons before, plus many races of different distances – things that I never expected myself to do. I did my first marathon at the age of 42, because I thought I should at least complete 42.195 km at age 42.

What surgery did you have done, and how did it impact you?
This is my ordeal and it happened in 2014. I was admitted for an urgent operation as my airway was blocked by swollen turbinates, triggered by a normal flu and a blocked nose. I couldn’t breathe normally for more than 3 weeks. I couldn’t even finish a sentence without feeling breathless.

Unfortunately, I experienced a post-surgery complication – my blood couldn’t stop flowing and eventually burst like a water pipe. I was very weak and low in immunity after discharge. I was struggling with my breathing, and it took almost 10 months for me to recover fully.

How did you discover barre?
Because I stopped exercising completely due to my breathing problem, my leg muscles became very tight. I couldn’t even squat down! So I turned to yoga and it helped.

After I recovered I went back to running. However I felt that I could no longer run long distance, partly because I wasn’t confident due to my breathing problem. I have since been trying new things to find a substitute for running. I read about barre workout and came across WeBarre last year. After trying a few sessions, I was very sure that I found my new interest! Now I can’t live without attending a HIIT or Signature Multi-level class every week!

How has barre helped you in your fitness journey?
Barre workout helps in strengthening my knees and ankles. It also helps me in coordination, which I am quite bad at. I have never thought that I could do some ballet moves when exercising. Barre combines graceful movements with a twist of power and energy!

How has WeBarre changed your life?
It’s my weekly cardio fix! WeBarre exercises help me achieve 3 things in one session: cardio, core strength and flexibility. Since I don’t run that often and for long, and I really hate gym and the treadmill, WeBarre is the place for me.

I enjoy the sweat and soreness after each class. Most times me and my workout buddy laugh as we walk down the long flight of stairs with our jelly legs after class, and I love it! I’m actually fitter and toner than before!


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