A desk-bound, working professional in the finance industry by day, and fitness buff by night, Liza has enjoyed sports and the great outdoors since school days. Her latest feat was climbing up Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s 2nd highest volcano. Read about Liza’s climbing experience and how barre prepared her for this.

Hey Liza! How did you discover barre, and how has this complemented your active lifestyle?
I have never been a gym person, but I enjoy sports and outdoor activities. In my school days, I played in the netball team and was an active participant in cross-country runs. Even after I started working, I run and play netball with my colleagues. It was through my course of work that I got to know Audrey, who shared what she is doing at WeBarre.

In my first barre trial session, I was asked if I have tried yoga, pilates or ballet. Gosh! I had tried none! Nevertheless, I went through the workout – it was refreshing! I felt stretched out, and received constant guidance from the instructor on how best to train up muscles without building the bulk. After I took my first class, I knew barre is my kind of workout and it has since changed my life!

WeBarre is now part of me. After a few months of hard work, my arms and abs grew more defined! I now go for classes 4 – 5 times a week ( barre, HIIT and stretch classes). Through these workouts, my performance in other sports has also improved.


Why did you decide to climb Mount Rinjani?
I have never planned to climb a mountain. However in August 2017, a friend whom I haven’t met for a long time asked if I was interested to join in a climb to Mount Rinjani in November same year. I took up the challenge! It was a 4D3N climb.

I started googling on Mount Rinjani. It is the second highest volcano (3726m above sea level) in Indonesia with difficulty level of 8/10 according to Trip Canvas.

To prepare for this climb, I continued with my usual routine of barre, HIIT, stretch and running, along with a trekking trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with my girl climbing ‘kakis’ (companions).

What was the experience like climbing up the mountain?
We started the climb on day 2 around 10am from a base level of 1000m. The first pitch was at 2600m, which we reached around 6pm. We attempted the summit climb at 230am. Other than the darkness and the steep slopes, the least I expected was the volcanic ashes which formed the slopes. Every step I made, I slid down two.

Only some of us managed to reach the summit. The last 300m was the toughest which seemed like a never-ending path. It was a mental challenge given the sliding down effect of the volcanic ash.

The summit was just one-third of the journey. After the summit, we had to descend to the lake. In the whole 4D3N trip, there was a lot of climbing up and down the mountain with exposure to different terrains, which demanded lots of balancing.

To undertake such a climb, you need to have strong legs and core muscles to balance, and here is how I feel WeBarre workouts have helped me. I was able to enjoy this trip as I was in tip-top physical condition, thanks to barre classes.

How has WeBarre impacted your life?
What I truly love about this happy place is the fun-loving and dedicated instructors. It has also introduced me to an amazing community of women who keep me inspired. Special mention to Anabel and Meaghan who have seen how much I have grown stronger and fitter. They always motivate and challenge me knowing how much I can take. Without them I would not have made it this far!

Congratulations to Liza for being awarded with a brand new Fitbit Alta HR for completing 500 WeBarre classes! Well done, Liza!

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