Kenneth is an in-house counsel at Barclays Bank who loves barre. He has gym-hopped numerous times in a bid to lead a healthier lifestyle, but found little motivation to continue. The turning point came in June 2016 when he discovered barre, and has not looked back since. Here’s what he has to say.

Hey Kenneth! Tell me more about your quest for a healthier lifestyle!
I have tried gyms, where I was on a package for 5 years but only went maybe 5 times a year. Then I did Virgin Fitness for a year where I was a bit more disciplined, but that too was just 2-3 times a week at most. Pilates was next but at once a week, it didn’t have any impact.

I gave barre a try in June 2016 and never looked back. I started off with Rachael’s Fundamentals class and haven’t thought twice since to achieve better health, form and lifestyle. I was on the unlimited package initially to challenge myself to lead a healthier lifestyle, because my annual check-ups weren’t glowing. I started off with 4-5 classes a week and after being inspired by @little_raindrops, I decided to do back-to-back classes thrice a week to challenge myself further, which averaged 9-10 classes a week.

Naturally, with an overdose at the barre, it helped to shape me up and get me toned and fit. I lost 6-8kg since I started!

What do you love so much about barre?
I’m not a cardio person. Additionally, having a personal trainer before felt like I was going through the motions of exercise, and it was just a routine. I love barre for its flow, the music which brings life to the moves and the grace that we see in ballerinas. That’s the essence of what barre is to me. Every section in a barre class is short, so it’s bearable. There are also variations, which kills the monotony and makes a class more interesting. In this sense, it also doesn’t over strain a particular muscle with constant repetition, as in a gym session.

What have you gained most since starting at WeBarre?
I look forward to barre when I come – that’s my focus and my passion. But the friends I have made at barre, from the instructors to the clients, have been an absolute bonus. For a bunch of us pioneers who have been ‘HIITing’ the barre for the last 1.5 years or more, the sense of community is genuine. I encourage everyone who comes to build their own community too, right here in WeBarre.

How have you been transformed by barre? 
This may sound cliché, but barre is my way of life. (Which is why, sometimes I don’t go for long holidays as it takes me away from my love.)

Personally, it has been truly rewarding. It’s like waking up to a rainbow each day, as I am inspired each time I head for class. WeBarre is truly my happy place. I have enjoyed a new lease of life and relish my daily dose of Vitamin B (for barre). I am a healthier, fitter and leaner version of myself and this confidence gives me the bounce to face life’s challenges head on.

Any birthday wishes for us?
Continue building your bond of love, trust and support as this is what makes WeBarre, its’ instructors and clients fuse into one big family. Your exuberance, passion, motivation, energy and love for barre (and life) brings out the best in us!

Kenneth is the recipient of a brand new Fitbit Alta HR for completing 500 barre classes. Congratulations and well done, Kenneth!

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