Sisters Stella and Valerie relish the time they get to spend together while working out at WeBarre. They too, have surprised themselves with an inside-out transformation of the physical and mental benefits that working out brings. Here’s more of their story.

Hey Stella and Valerie! Tell us a little about yourself!
S: I really like to travel. It started from young with my parents bringing us on trips often, but it really intensified when I was studying in Perth. I didn’t fly anywhere because I was on a student’s budget, but I took the opportunity to do road trips with my friends whenever possible! At the end of the trip, the excitement of another adventure always has me looking forward to more. I find that I get to know people better through these journeys and spending time with people that I care about is extremely important to me.

V: I’m always learning new things – for example, I’ve learnt how to play the keyboard and the guitar, picked up sewing of cloth bags, bread and cake baking, pilates, kickboxing and of course, barre, in the recent years. This started out because I was feeling like I really could do more with my life, and bit by bit I started to tick off the list of things i’ve always wanted to do. I think you’ll never know your limits of what you can do until you actually push yourself to do it.

What was your fitness life like before discovering barre?
S: Non-existent? Well, almost non-existent. I attended a couple of Zumba classes before. While I really enjoyed it, it was something that I went alone for and that dwindled to something along the lines of “I go because I paid for it”. I still enjoy it but without good companionship, it just wasn’t as sustainable for me. I hate running and I don’t really relish the heat of the outdoors in its intense humidity. Gyms weren’t a great motivator for me as well. I just had to find something that I could stick with.

V: Before taking up barre, my fitness revolved mostly just around two weekly runs. Not because I like it (I used to think running is pretty boring), but because I knew I had to start working out a little bit more (the curse of ladies reaching their 30s).

Barre started to change my perspective of keeping fit. I could do something fun while working and toning my body. I still go for my runs now, but I now see it as a complement to my whole fitness regime.

What does being in WeBarre mean to you?
S: Starting WeBarre was a little like travelling for me. When my sister asked me to join her for the trial, it was the opportunity of trying out something new, with the added bonus of spending time with her.

I was initially intimidated by the classes and I regretted signing up for the trial. BUT after about 10 months of doing this regularly, I found that I am a lot stronger and I feel so much better about myself. The best part of joining WeBarre for me? I get to spend time with my sisters at least once a week, cos’ my sisters come too! ️

V: Learning barre at WeBarre teaches me to push my limits even more, not only in terms of physical strength, but also mentally. With a stronger mind, you can fight to achieve more with your life.

What do you look forward to most when coming to WeBarre?
S: Frankly, I look forward to seeing my sisters because all of us are so busy with work.

The next thing that I look forward to, would be the burn that comes with the workout. I like that the WeBarre class consists of different routines so I am never really bored. My sisters’ company has helped me attend class pretty regularly.

It must count for something if I stuck with this for over a year! I am still working up the courage to actually try a Signature class because I am pretty worried that I would fall apart during (or after) the class!

V: I definitely look forward to becoming stronger and more toned after each class. I love the full-body and fun workouts, the Instructors, and the ache in every part of my body which lasts for days after each class (I REALLY LOVE THIS!). I may not be able to follow through all the barre moves, but I look forward to getting there, and becoming a better and stronger version of myself after each class. Thanks to all at WeBarre! You guys are doing a great job!

How has your mentality changed since joining WeBarre?
S: I realise that I can actually do this. The awareness of my body becoming stronger is something that stands out to me – I used to hate the chair position and I couldn’t even last for a minute on that but now, I can complete most of the exercises in that position. It still burns as it is supposed to, but I can actually do it! That is what is empowering – that knowledge that I can do it.

V: WeBarre has given me positive vibes that I try to infuse to other parts of my daily life. I think WeBarre has influenced my life to the extent that I can’t help but encourage my friends to join as well. Two of my friends are now WeBarre clients, and they too are loving it!


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