Nicole’s the epitome of the modern day working mother who balances work, family and personal commitments. A Manager of strategic projects at Zalora, she also recently gave birth to Tristan. Nicole relates how barre became a part of her active lifestyle, and how pre-natal barre classes helped her beyond pregnancy.

Hey Nicole! How did barre become a part of your workout routine?
Exercise has always been a big part of my life. It keeps me energised, balanced, and happy. I did a lot of Pilates prior to discovering barre, so when I heard about the concept when I was in the U.S., I didn’t need much convincing.

I first tried Ming’s class at WeBarre, and I absolutely loved it – the energy levels, the music, how those seemingly tiny movements just packed such a punch! When I became pregnant, I was determined to keep active and not put on more pounds than I absolutely had to. So checking out pre-natal classes was a natural step, and that’s how I came to discover Tanya’s classes.

How did pre-natal barre classes help you during and after pregnancy?
I found the pre-natal classes super helpful in keeping me active and mindful about my postural awareness. I did private and group pre-natal classes with Tanya starting from 4 months, and all I can say is, it’s absolutely worth it! I had minimal water retention and back pain throughout. I went back to my size 4 clothes within 1 week of delivery. And my gynae, while stitching me during my C- sec, remarked that she had never seen anyone whose tummy snapped back the same way.

How soon after giving birth did you go back to exercising?
I went back to exercise almost immediately after giving birth. I think that’s a crucial period to make sure your body gets all the stimulus it can while it’s in recovery mode, before things settle into a steady state. It felt good to go back to high energy activities like spinning again!

Overall, WeBarre has really helped me get through an important period in my life, so thank you!

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