Meet Shuxian, an Allied Educator who works with special needs children in a mainstream school. She stumbled upon WeBarre in June 2016, and has not looked back since. Here’s her #WeBarreStory.

Hey Shuxian! What was your fitness regime like before joining WeBarre?
Back in 2015, I dabbled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for about 3 months and earned a stripe on my white belt! But I felt like I was getting bruised a lot and I wanted to take care of my body more, so I gave it up. It was really fun and I picked up some useful skills despite the pain, and it taught me to be calm and patient in challenging situations.

I am an avid climber and I’m really into trekking and the outdoors. I’ve been doing it for 11 years now. To this day, I’ve had the privilege to scale 38 mountains. I first started back in JC, joining the outdoor adventure club in my school. It was a quite an insane choice because before that, I was never that into the outdoors. I used to dance so everything was in the comforts of a lovely studio.

How has barre classes helped you in climbing?
While I really enjoyed climbing, I always struggled. I was always the one who fell behind;  the one who got injured, and the one whom most of the group had to wait for, in spite of all the pre-climb trainings we did. But ever since I joined WeBarre, I became much fitter.

During our most recent trip back in December 2016, I was surprised at how comfortable I was during the climb. I didn’t struggle and ended up walking closer to the front of the group instead of the one falling behind!

Just 5 months of barre as compared to years and years of running with minimal results when I put myself out on the mountains. I really have the HIIT and Signature classes to thank!!

What do you look forward to most when coming to WeBarre? What motivates and inspires you most?
Other than looking to sweat it out in a session, I definitely look forward to working out with friends at the studio. We push and motivate each other in class, and forge close bonds that extend beyond the 60min session. They inspire me to be stronger and better, and it’s such a nice feeling to see everyone working towards our own goals.

How has WeBarre changed your life?
First of all, it has brought me new friends whom I am so lucky to have (Diana, Jean, Huiting, Shobana, Desserie, Kenneth and Liz). Secondly, WeBarre has really helped me to become fitter, stronger and better. It helped me to be all of those things without hurting my body. Lastly, it is a constant reminder that keeping fit can actually be enjoyable, especially in a place with friends 🙂

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