By Novia Liew

Finding the perfect brunch place to kick-start your day can sometimes be mind-boggling. What and where to eat, where can you hang out after, do their scrambled eggs cost $30… Anyone ever lose sleep over planning brunch? Well, those days are gone!

This month, we’ve asked the WeBarre team for their favourite places for brunch near our studios — ’cause what better way to enjoy brunch than right after a badass #barreburn! (Or before; the belly wants when it wants, right?)

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with greatest pleasure as the WeBarre squad proudly presents … *drum roll*

Your Barre and Brunch mini guide! Read on for the WeBarre squad’s top 5 brunch picks:

1. Curious Palette

Distance: 8 minutes walk from WeBarre Dhoby Ghaut
What to order: Truffle Fries, Hotcakes and Buttermilk Waffles, Cold Brew Coffees
Why we love it: IG-worthy space and comfort food prepared to perfection. Wear your best Post-Barre glow ’cause you’ll want to take pictures here!
IG: @curiouspalette

2. Korio

Distance: 5 mins walk from WeBarre Telok Ayer
What to order: Sandwich of the day
Why we love it: A quick and hearty bite. Not to mention their delicious donuts, grab them for a friend, or for yourself — hey, you’ve earned it!
IG: @koriosg

3. Tolido

Distance: 7 mins drive from WeBarre Dhoby Ghaut
What to order: Shashouka Eggs, Truffle Mushroom Cream Croissant
Why we love it: IG-worthy and super tasty food. Not to mention, an All-Day Breakfast menu — need we say more?
IG: @tolidosnook

4. Bearded Bella

Distance: 3 mins walk from WeBarre Tanjong Pagar
What to order: Eggstraordinary Eggs & Snags, Salmon Pistachio Rosti, Coffee
Why we love it: A little of a fancy twist to your regular brunch menu, we always love a good surprise!
IG: @bearded.bella

5. Two Men Bagel

Distance: 7 mins walk from WeBarre Tanjong Pagar
What to order: Fisherman, Hawt Cheeks, Back End Brisket
Why we love it: Our favourite hearty grub, perfect for a grab-and-go to the office, or for dine-in with your gang! Barre before Bagels are totally our thing, who says you can’t get the best of both worlds?
IG: @twomenbagelhouse

Et Voila!

Here at WeBarre, loving and appreciating your body is a big intention we stand for. Always challenge yourself a little more than the day before, be it going deeper in those plies, or getting in that final pulse in that last set — then celebrate these little achievements with a ‘thank you, body’ meal!

The best feeling comes when you get to exclaim “That’s a wrap, now time for food!” — trust us, we know!

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