By Joie Goh

You’ve seen her cheerful face greeting you at WeBarre, and perhaps you might’ve received one of her witty email responses to your queries. But do you know that this hard worker is also in training to become an instructor too? Learn more about our resident happy pill!

How did you end up here at WeBarre?

Being more of an outdoor sports kind of girl, I was always a little skeptical about studio fitness classes. Ask me in 2017 if I’d ever see myself paying money to move my butt, I’d probably respond with a little laugh and a sarcastic comment.

However, I’ve loved ballet since I tried it out at 16. So when my best friend told me about this interesting “studio that is like a ballet studio but like… for fitness”, it took little convincing before I decided to try it out together with her.

It was like nothing I have ever experienced before! Graceful dance, cardio, endurance; it was a perfect, total workout. In that first class I took, I discovered I could get the same rush I used to get learning new choreography during ballet classes, minus the fear of being judged by seasoned dancers!

The culture at WeBarre was an amazing amalgamation of supportiveness, seriousness but also fun. Right after that first class, my best friend and I couldn’t stop raving about the workout. I knew I was going to come back for more

Why did you decide to join the WeBarre Squad?

Once I stepped into the studio, I was hooked on for good! I loved the music, the elegance, the people, THE ENERGY. The entire atmosphere gave me the confidence to pursue a form of dance without the fear of judgement. 

WeBarre is able to take anyone closer to their fitness goals with its intensely unrelenting but also intensely fun workout sequence. This is why I want to be part of the instructor team. This lifestyle is everything I want for me, and I want to be able to motivate and inspire others to achieve a better, stronger, more certain version of themselves, just as I am constantly striving to achieve for myself.

How has it been, going from Front-of-House to studio manager to soon-to-be instructor?

To be honest, I signed up as an FOH with absolutely no clue about what to expect of the job. I was always one of those clients (guilty!) who’d play real close along the precipice of “late for class”, and then rush off right after for my next plan of the day. I loved spending my time at WeBarre, but never really allowed myself the space to figure out what exactly made the experience so wholesome.

Initially, I wanted to join WeBarre as an instructor. But when Anabel offered me the opportunity to contribute to the ways of WeBarre both within the class and out of it, I took it. It was the best decision I’ve made since graduation

It was heartwarming to be experiencing WeBarre from the perspective of an FOH. Within a month as an FOH, I got to understand and learn how much effort everyone on the team gives just to put a smile on the faces of our ladies (and the occasional gentlemen)! Being the girl who’d walk in and out of class, maximising “Hi” as both the start and end to a conversation, WeBarre has completely dragged me out of my comfort zone — and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

To be an instructor is my dream vocation at WeBarre in the first place! While the pandemic had definitely come between some progress in this area, it’s given me a vast opportunity during circuit breaker to co-host lots of virtual classes. In the process, giving me great exposure to the different teaching personalities of WeBarre. I have yet to figure out mine, but I’ve had the luxury of following the footsteps of some amazing inspirations on the team!

What are some of the most memorable moments you have at WeBarre?

Gretel bought me banmian on my first day of work at WeBarre! I remember being too shy to ask anyone to help me man the desk so I can buy food. So when Gretel insisted she buy banmian, I was very touched and appreciative. And also secretly very relieved for my starving tummy!

Making my first client-turned-friend, Lauren! It was my 4th day at WeBarre. We talked as I folded towels for a good half hour. She was the first client I had a proper conversation with. It subsequently motivated me to continue opening up to small talk with our clients everyday. And now it’s one of my favourite parts of my job as FOH!

And definitely my first Friends & Family training class since coming back from circuit breaker. Gretel told me she thinks I’m almost ready to join the ranks of instructors – the joy was immeasurable!

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